Luxury Vinyl Tile At Floor Coverings International In Mesa, AZ

Luxury Vinyl Tile – Exquisite Flooring Options In Mesa, AZ

Vinyl tile is one of the most popular flooring options due to its resilience and nice, high-quality look. These products are meticulously crafted to resemble real stone, ceramics, wood, and similar materials. If you like spaces with vinyl tile, you are going to love luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, a flooring option that is similar to ordinary vinyl tile but comes with a more stylish look and much more durability.

What is also great about luxury vinyl tiles is that they are waterproof, so your floors will stay undamaged in contact with water. Here are some more benefits of LVT flooring:

Luxury Vinyl Tile Is Durable

This is an ideal flooring solution for spaces that endure a lot of traffic, like homes with children and pets as well as offices. If you want to add some luxury to your space without making any compromises when it comes to durability, LVT is just the right material for you.

Easy To Install

As far as installation goes, luxury vinyl tile is designed for flat surfaces in busy areas of the home or office. It can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms, but due to the increasing number of available styles, more and more people choose to install it in living rooms and even bedrooms.

How It Is Constructed

Typically, LVT comes in 12 or 18-inch square tiles and comprises of three layers. The stability layer is designed to fit perfectly against any background surface. The photographic layer provides a highly realistic high-definition image or a pattern, whereas PVC gives the final layer of luxury vinyl tile that much-needed durability and protection from wear and tear.

How We Can Help

At Floor Coverings International in Mesa, AZ, we can help you choose the best LVT for your space. We offer a vast range of styles, designs, and colors for a completely personalized look of your interior. You will also be happy to learn that LVT is super easy to install, with a much shorter installation process than other flooring options.

If you are not sure whether to opt for natural flooring solutions like wood or LVT, it is good to know that LVT does not just look authentic but eliminates the downsides of natural options from the equation. Namely, luxury vinyl tile is warmer, more resistant, and a lot cheaper.

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